Nappy Pig Shit Eater Part 1 - Trailer

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Description: We have December 2017, shitmas time: ScatFFotze sat in his yellow dinghy and had lots of fun with a dirty diaper and some bulging shit filled condoms from HornyKinkyBoy, A disgusting meal today: Rubber one is from 6th October filled with excrement mixture, rubber two is from 14th November filled with boy shit, shit condom three is from 17th November filled with shit, piss and puke! Rubber four is from 4th December and full with boy shit. ScatFFotze sniffed and licked at the condoms and enjoyed a lot what he do because the rubbers are very stinky! He swallowed one after the other and had lots of fun! What a wonderful pervert and stinky meal! Enjoy this movie!
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