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Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 2

Duration: 1:00 Views: 5 996 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: This is the second volume of the “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave“ series. Master Kevin is feeding his shit hungry rubber toilet slave with an amazing load of his delicious looking and tasting shit while wearing his hot rubber shorty and his horny waders. Kevin shits the first part of his big shit into the rubber scat pig’s toilet mouth directly and feeds him with a spoon. In between he gets some water into his shit mouth to flush down the remaining shit. Then Kevin sits down on the shit eater’s self-made toilet chair which has a toilet bowl made of transparent plastic in the middle, shits the second part of his big shit into the bowl, wanks his dick while watching him chewing and eating the shit out of the bowl, and adds some boy piss into the toilet bowl. After the shit eating toilet appeased his hunger for shit he jerks off. At the end of this horny shit feeding video, rubber master Kevin is shooting his huge cum load between his waders onto the floor. ||||||||||| Want more? >>> http://hornykinkyboy.com/members/aff/go/gayscatvids/
Categories: Feeding Group Play Eating