Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 4

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Description: This is the fourth volume of the “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave“ series. HornyKinkyBoy’s scat slave is sleeping on the play area till he gets awaken by his master’s gumboots and a warm golden shower rain. Since its early in the morning and already breakfast time, HornyKinkyBoy dumps the first taste of the upcoming shit meal into the rubber pig’s hungry sewer mouth before he is feeding the shit hungry toilet fag with a spoon, his fingers, and with his fat uncut dick. Furthermore, the brown rubber toilet pig gets humiliated and forced to chew, eat, and swallow HornyKinkyBoy’s tasty master shit, sucking his brown scat cock, licking the wellies smeared with poop, drinking his piss, and eating his spit and cum before he is allowed to jerk off and continue with his sleep on the messy playground. >>> http://hornykinkyboy.com/members/aff/go/gayscatvids/
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