Breakfast Extreme

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Description: HornyKinkyBoy's fecal breakfast starts with a massive morning shit. Then it continues with some horny shit eating. With a spoon and along with the awesome boy scat, the young rubber pig also eats white grapes and cereals. Further he shoves a number of the grapes into his brown shit hole before dumping and swallowing them. Next he makes himself puking till he has a good amount of snot, spit, and vomit collected in his crap feeding bowl. Then he adds a portion of his piss to the food, shit, snot, spit, and vomit mixture in the bowl and rinses his mouth, wanks his uncut cock, and plays with it. And not forgetting, to add some cum into the excrement mixture bowl at the end. Bon appétit, HornyKinkyBoy! :P
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