Blue Collar Cheese Factory

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Description: Tom Caserta: Blue Collar Cheese Factory. c. 1988 Glory hole hog Tom Caserta produced, directed, edited, and stars in Club Mandom 1, an intense anonymous blowjob video that focuses on uncut cocks. Club Mandom is subtitled Blue Collar Cheese Factory because Caserta doesn't merely suck dicks with foreskin he relishes and savors the cheesy schlongs of working men. This ain't no pristine suck flick; everything that comes along with the extra flop of skin that covers a penis head is highlighted here and it's explicit. Each and every one of the scenes features lots and lots of smegma -- gooey, creamy flecks of cock junk that cling to each penis like wet popcorn. Caserta ceremonially sniffs, licks, and eats the cheese before swallowing bone, which is no mean feat considering how large each of these men are.
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