Shit Repacking Fantasies

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Description: One of HornyKinkyBoy’s greatest passion is shit repacking. HornyKinkyBoy opens one of his horniest scat repacking sessions while sitting in his rubber boat and wearing his beloved sleeveless rubber top with presenting two big solid turds of his shit collection, slathering his hot body with old shit, crafting a giant fat turd out of the two single turds and hugging it, shitting a fresh log, and enjoying it in his mouth and with his tongue before the really extreme fun may begin. The young gay shit lover is repacking all the shit into his hungry asshole, eating a shitty banana in between, making his body browner and browner through a lot of horny shit smearing, pushing the previously repacked turd out of his boy cunt, playing with it, repacking, dumping, and loving the fat turd a few more times before pressing the hole shit with his scat repacking pump into a condom and making himself a great orgasm including an amazing cumshot. >>>>>>>> Want more? >>>>>>>>
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